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Blue Lake Casino
(to visit the Blue Lake Casino website, please click here)

Blue Lake Casino Little-known Facts

  • The air quality/HVAC system in the Blue Lake Casino was custom built to provide maximum air circulation and filtration.
    • The Tribe spent over  $1 million dollars to design, install and maintain the casino’s state-of-the-art system
    • All the air within the casino is circulated 11 times per minute
    • The equipment running outside was designed to run with minimal noise
  • The Blue Lake Casino was designed to operate as a Disaster Relief Center and Regional External Evacuation Zone.  The Casino contains all the required infrastructure elements:
    • Diesel Generator (capacity recently upgraded to provide up to 5 days of self-contained power)
    • Kitchen and Food Storage Facilities
    • Large Protected Interior Space
    • Fresh Water
    • Extensive Shower / Restroom Facilities
      • During recent floods, severe storms, forest fires and other emergency situations, the Casino has provided shelter and meals for displaced people and for fire fighters, police and other public safety workers
  • The Blue Lake Casino was one of the first public or private entities in Humboldt County to implement and maintain a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan.  The initial plan was implemented in early 2002, and is refreshed and improved by monthly meetings and emergency drills. 
  • The Blue Lake Casino Security Department contains over 30 agents.  Most security personnel have prior law enforcement experience, including former and/or retired:  City Police Chief and Police Officers, California Highway Patrol, County Sheriff Deputies, FBI Agents and Department of Justice personnel.