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To create positive impact in the areas of social services, and specifically child and elderly health and welfare, the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe is focused on providing critical nutrition through accessible meals programs.

The Blue Lake Rancheria has been providing meal programs for the greater community for over 20 years.

Like so many of the best ideas, the Tribe’s hot meal delivery program began literally by accident.  An elderly woman from the City of Blue Lake had fallen and was unable to cook or leave her house to get food.  A Tribal Member suggested the Tribe undertake her care until she recovered.  In the course of her recovery, word of the service spread, as well as the realization that this was a public service many members of the community desperately needed.  The Tribe formalized the program and today provides meal delivery for the Blue Lake community service area.

Meals Programs Highlights

  • The Blue Lake Rancheria provides 50,000+ meals to children and the elderly in Humboldt and Trinity Counties annually. 
  • Combined, the Blue Lake Rancheria’s meals programs serve over 300 people each day.
  • The Tribe maintains a congregate lunch site for elders and Blue Lake community members, including affordable lunches for the general public and discounted lunches for seniors.
  • Tribal Members operate school breakfast and lunch programs for several local schools. 
  • In 2006 the Rancheria started a new program, in partnership with St. Vincent de Paul to provide evening meals for homeless children, women and men (in that order of priority) in the City of Eureka.
  • Ongoing needs assessment and fulfillment:
    • The Tribe devotes personnel and resources to needs assessment, particularly in partnership with area schools.  It is not uncommon for program workers to be approached by other watchful caregivers and educators who need assistance in assessing the nutritional needs of a hungry child, and providing a critical, healthy meal immediately.
  • When children show first signs of malnutrition, the Tribe responds immediately with assessment support and/or a nutritious meal as needed.