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The Blue Lake Rancheria funds and operates transit systems to serve riders throughout the greater communities of Blue Lake, Arcata, McKinleyville and Eureka . 

In addition to managing these two transportation systems, the Transit Department coordinates with the Tribe’s Meals Programs to deliver meals to homebound seniors in Blue Lake and Fieldbrook. 
The Tribe’s transportation efforts are an example of successful teamwork between Tribes, public entities and private stakeholders. 

The Blue Lake Rancheria Transit System [Schedule]

The Blue Lake Rancheria Transit System (BLRTS) began as a solution to a public need.  The City of Blue Lake and surrounding community did not have widespread, reliable public transportation.  Further, the area population is largely rural, dispersed across significant distances and requires access to urban areas for services and supplies.

The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe recognized this gap in the public service continuum and worked closely with CalTrans, the California State Highway Patrol, local hospitals and other groups to make public transit a reality in Blue Lake.


  • BLRTS began in January 2002, and had 292 passengers in the first month of operation.  The number of passengers quickly increased. 
  • Today the system handles over 1,300 passengers each month. 
  • Now operating 13 hours a day, five days a week, BLRTS allows area residents to choose environmentally-friendly commuting – to work, schools, shopping, medical facilities, and much more. 
  • BLRTS passengers are able to connect with Arcata Transit, Humboldt Transit, Greyhound and Amtrac.  BLRTS provides affordable transportation for students attending Humboldt State University and Arcata High School for regular class hours and after-school activities.
  • BLRTS is very pleased to partner with Horizon Resources.  Horizon mentors physically and mentally challenged individuals in their efforts to become self-reliant.  BLRTS provides transportation services so these people are able to reliably ride the buses from city to city as needed.
  • BLRTS also provides a Dial-A-Ride (DAR) program for elderly and disabled people living in Blue Lake, McKinleyville, and Arcata.  This service is currently (2006) averaging 16 one-way trips each day. 

BLRTS service area includes the City of Blue Lake and round trip between Arcata and Blue Lake.  Fares are reasonable and subject to change.  Hours of operation:  7:00am and 7:40pm.  For the latest information on BLRTS, please click [BLRTS Schedule].