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Indian Country is often considered a mysterious place.  Here are some interesting facts that may dispel some of the mystery.

  • Indian Tribal Members serve in the U.S. Military.  The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal Members have served the United States in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army. 
  • Indian Tribal Members vote in U.S. federal, state and local elections.
  • Prior to European contact there were 10-50 million native people living in what was to become the United States.  By the end of the Indian wars era there were approximately 250,000 people remaining.
  • The BlueLake Rancheria Tribe contracts with the U.S. Government to provide the samesocial services to Tribal Members which are available to all Americancitizens. These funds and services are managed through strictly controlledgrants.
  • Blue Lake Rancheria uses the majority of its federal funding on social programs that benefit both the Tribe and the larger community.
  • Most federal assistance programs for Tribes are for low-income or otherwise disadvantaged Tribal Members.
  • All Blue Lake Rancheria Members are expected to finish their education through to a college degree or vocational training | certification. 
  • The Blue Lake Casino was designed to be a certified Disaster Relief Center and Regional External Evacuation Site 
    • The Casino contains all the required infrastructure elements - diesel generator, kitchen, food storage, large protected interior space, fresh water, showers and extensive restroom facilities. 
    • During recent floods, severe storms, forest fires and other emergency situations, the Casino has provided shelter and meals for displaced people and fire fighters, police and other public safety workers
  • Federal funding for Tribes was cut by 37% in 2006. The majority was reinstated by year's end, but after much dispute, time, energy and expense by Tribes and the U.S. Government
  • In 2007, Blue Lake Rancheria's Tribal funding has been cut by over 80%. There is 'possibility of modifications' as the year goes on, but this lack of funding jeopardizes many core programs that benefit both the Tribe and the surrounding community. There is no guarantee it will be reinstated.
  • 800 treaties were signed between the United States and Native Americans.  The U.S. refused to ratify 430 of them, and of the 370 that were ratified, the U.S. proceeded to violate provisions in every one. Most of the unratified treaties were with California Tribes, including the notorious "Lost Treaties."
  • $ Billions in extraction contract fees, housing accounts, trust assets and land lease/use payments – monies that should have been used to offset Native American financial needs – have simply “disappeared” from the U.S. Government Native American Trust accounts.
  • All Blue Lake Rancheria Members pay fair-market rent or mortgage for their housing – both on the Rancheria and elsewhere.
  • Native Americans developed over 60% of the crops we use today, including corn, wheat and potatoes.