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The following are examples of the Blue Lake Rancheria’s commitments as a concerned neighbor and proactive a community partner.

Illustrative Initiatives

  • Provide 50,000+ meals to children and the elderly in Humboldt and Trinity Counties annually. 
    • Combined, the Blue Lake Rancheria’s meals programs serve over 300 people each day.
  • Operate school breakfast and lunch programs for several local schools. 
  • Maintain a congregate lunch site for elders and Blue Lake community members, including affordable lunches for the general public and discounted lunches for seniors.
  • Monitor ongoing needs assessment and fulfillment:
    • The Tribe devotes personnel and resources to needs assessment, particularly in partnership with area schools.  It is not uncommon for Tribal program workers to be approached by other watchful caregivers and educators who need assistance assessing the nutritional needs of a hungry child and providing a critical, healthy meal immediately.
  • Fund and operate two Inter-City Public Transit systems and Dial-A-Ride services.
  • Facilitate free library use and Internet access for the general public, open daily during the week.
  • Distribute educational materials to help prevent diabetes, cancer, drug abuse and child abuse.
  • Develop a Blue Lake area Assisted Living Facility.
  • Continue and expand Blue Lake Elementary | High School Graduation incentive scholarship program.
  • Develop Daycare Facilities for the community of Blue Lake and unincorporated areas.
  • Continue and expand Recycling and Solid Waste Management programs.
  • Complete diversified community  and economic development projects including:  technology-based industry, community call centers, general retail store, RV park/campground, medical complex, assisted living facility, daycare facilities.
  • Assist in monitoring and management of area natural resources:
    • Air Quality | Water Quality
    • Environmental Protection Services
    • Forestry, Woodlands, Waterway Stewardship
    • Wildlife Populations & Parks Maintenance
    • Minerals, Mining and Agriculture Assessment Resources
  • Support Law Enforcement & Public Safety:
    • Fund Law Enforcement | Community Fire Protection
    • Ensure Safety Management, Training and Equipment
    • Provide Disaster Preparedness Facilities & Services
  • Community Infrastructure &  Development:
    • Technical Assistance
    • Roads and Airstrip Maintenance
    • Public Utilities Planning and Performance Assistance
  • In 2006 the Rancheria started a new program, in partnership with St. Vincent de Paul to provide evening meals for homeless children, women and men (in that order of priority) in the City of Eureka.