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"Based on this review it was my observation that the BLGC [Blue Lake Gaming Commission] appeared to be fully compliant with and to exceed the NIGC licensing regulations…. It is evident…the BLGC takes its responsibility as the primary regulator of gaming conducted within the jurisdiction of the Blue Lake Rancheria very seriously…. thank you… for the professionalism and able assistance provided by each member of the BLGC and BLC staff."
-National Indian Gaming Commission, Region II

The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal Gaming Commission is charged with oversight of the Tribe’s gaming operations.

Background (source: National Indian Gaming Commission)

A Tribal Gaming Commission helps a Tribe meet its regulatory responsibilities under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). Specifically, a Tribal Gaming Commission is an arm of the Tribal Government established for the exclusive purpose of regulating gaming for the Tribe, and is expected to function wholly independently of both Tribal Leadership and gaming business operations.

The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), an independent federal regulatory agency of the United States, in turn audits individual Tribal Gaming Commissions. “Effective regulatory oversight requires a functional separation between the operation of tribal gaming and the regulation of that tribal gaming…. a well-run tribal gaming commission, free to regulate without undue interference from tribal leadership, is the best vehicle for achieving this functional separation.”

The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal Gaming Commission has worked diligently to provide the highest standards of professional gaming oversight and regulatory enforcement, and has built an exceptional record and positive working relationship with the U.S. agencies tasked with Native Gaming regulation. A recent performance review by the NIGC provides testimony to the Commission’s performance:2005 NIGC Report Excerpts.pdf

Surveillance Protection

  • Patron Protection
  • Drug Enforcement
  • Game Fairness (cheating, scams, theft)

Compliance Enforcement

  • Audits
  • Device Testing
  • Resource Storage
  • MICS (Minimum Internal Control Standards)
  • State Compact
  • Indian Gaming Regulation Act
  • All Inspections and Examinations as Necessary

Investigative Services

  • Background Investigations
  • Incident Investigations
  • Employee Investigations
  • Other Wrongdoing


The purpose of a Tribal Gaming Commission is regulatory, not managerial.  It conducts oversight to ensure compliance with federal, tribal, and, if applicable, state laws and regulations. 

  • Establishing and adopting rules and standards for the operation of gaming activity
  • Serving as the licensing authority for individuals employed in the gaming operation
  • Administering an effective program for background investigations as part of the licensing process
  • Monitoring compliance with the internal control standards for the gaming operation
  • Gaming revenue tracking*source: National Indian Gaming Commission

Detailed Gaming Commission Functions

  • Protection of public health, safety, welfare | Uphold public trust
  • Ensure fairness of all games, electronic and card
  • License all gaming employees
  • Make certain they are of good character, honest, have integrity
  • Deny those whose prior activities, criminal record (if any), reputation, habits, and associations pose a threat to public interest, effective regulation, control of gambling, or create or enhance the dangers of unsuitable, unfair, or illegal practices, methods, or activities in the conduct of gaming
  • Pre-employment drug screening
  • Badging | Required credentials and documentation
  • Protection of the Tribe’s gaming assets from cheats, scams, theft
  • Gaming resource storage and protection (cards, bingo balls, etc.)
  • Internal operations audits
  • Machine/Device compliance, certification and random sampling
  • Drop and Count oversight
  • Hearings for gaming disputes, license denials, patron complaints
  • Levy fines, taxes and/or fees

Useful Links For More Information

National Indian Gaming Commission Website