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Next to air, clean water is our most important resource – for drinking, for the habitat it provides and for its critical role in agriculture (and throughout the food chain), as well as other private and industrial uses.

The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe has an ancient and obligatory custodial relationship with water and its live-sustaining properties. The Tribe has a responsibility to ensure excellent water quality in the waterways which were a part of the Tribe’s traditional ancestral lands, and seeks to partner with others in sound planning for the future of this critical resource.


In 2004, the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe was approved and is eligible to implement portions of the National Clean Water Act (CWA).  Currently, the Tribe is implementing a comprehensive water quality monitoring program, which includes wetlands and free-flowing bodies of water on Tribal lands.  In addition the Tribe monitors and consults on “non-point source” pollution control such as agricultural and pesticide runoff and storm water runoff.

The Water Quality team conducts approved sampling and testing utilizing advanced water analysis technologies and procedures.

And, to ensure the Environmental Programs team remains at the forefront of water quality science and technology, the Tribe partners with various federal, state, local and consulting entities to obtain training and information on the latest advances and knowledge in water quality and water resource protections.


Although still in its infancy, the Tribe’s water quality monitoring systems are yielding a comprehensive data baseline.  This information will be augmented and utilized widely in water quality planning and improvements in years to come.