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Recognition for Elderly Population Initiatives

United States Department of Health and Human Services, “Outstanding Contributions Serving Elders.”

Administration on Aging, “Exemplary Title VI Program.”

Area 1 Association on Aging, “1999 Senior Friend Award.”

UIHS of California, 2003,

“Friends of Good Medicine"

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The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe manages multiple initiatives that protect and improve the health and welfare of the elderly.  The concept of becoming “elderly” has special connotations in Indian Country.  Tribal Members of the Blue Lake Rancheria age 55 and older are formally designated Tribal Elders.  Elders are revered and respected for their wisdom and experience, and relied upon for their leadership and guidance. 

The Blue Lake Rancheria has taken a national leadership role in elderly services development and analysis.  The Rancheria is one of two Tribes in the U.S. listed as a resource for information and statistics on elderly populations.  The Tribe maintains a listing of elderly services and an updated database of demographic statistics.  These statistics are essential in determining service increases and improvements, refining resource allocations, and identifying new areas of need.

Partnerships For Elder Care

The Blue Lake Rancheria has supported, contributed to and partnered with the following organizations and others to improve the lives of the elders in our community.

American Cancer Society
Area 1 Agency on Aging
Blue Lake Grange Community Commodities Give-Away
Blue Lake Summer Food Service Program
California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc.
City of Blue Lake
Food For People
Humboldt Classics Senior Softball
Humboldt County Department of Public Health
Humboldt County Library
Humboldt County Senior Resource
Humboldt Senior Softball Team Blue Lake
United Indian Health Services, Inc.
Mad River Community Hospital
Northern Area Foundation
Relay For Life
St. Joseph Hospital Foundation
St. Vincent de Paul
Meals on Wheels Association of America
National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
National Congress of American Indians