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The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal Membership has ancestral ties to the entire land base of Humboldt County.  Because of this, the Tribe is involved and invested in Humboldt County and its future. 

The Tribe has a long history of working in partnership with Humboldt County Government and agencies on a wide variety of initiatives.

Partnership Highlights

  • Donations of over $250,000 for full time permanent Humboldt County Sheriff positions to offset state budget cuts.
  • Funding for HazMat training for the Humboldt County Department of Public Health
  • Funding and event support for the Mad River Fish Hatchery
  • Service on the Humboldt County Workforce Investment Board
  • Service on Humboldt County Association of Governments Service Coordination Committee
  • Partnership with the Humboldt Senior Resource Center to build the New Alzheimer’s Center with a wing for daycare and educational resources
  • Fund and Operate Two Regional Transit Systems
  • Serve as a Disaster Relief Center and Regional External Evacuation Site
  • Provide leadership in terms of Emergency Plan development and deployment (The Blue Lake Casino was one of the first public or private entities in Humboldt County to implement and maintain a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan)
  • Support local firefighters with funding and equipment
  • Maintain roads and other infrastructure through improvement spending and partnership initiatives such as “Adopt-a-Highway.”

The Blue Lake Rancheria is committed to its position in and relationship with Humboldt County.  The Tribe looks forward to increasing its assistance and participation in the coming years, providing reliable resources in planning, environmental stewardship, economic development and more.