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"We judge our success by the number of children that graduate from high school and pursue higher education and careers.  Not by how much money we have in the bank."
-Arla Ramsey, Vice Chairperson, Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe

The Blue Lake Rancheria’s foremost priority is education.  Education is the path to wide-ranging perspective.  It creates economic opportunity and fosters tolerance and understanding of others. 

The Tribe’s commitment to improving education is evident in its long-standing record of development and support of educational programs.

Education Program Highlights.

  • Eighth Grade Scholarship | High School Graduation Guarantee.
    • At the 8th Grade graduation ceremony, the Blue Lake Rancheria gives every eighth grader in the Blue Lake Union School District a $500 Scholarship Certificate. 
    • The certificate is redeemable upon graduation from high school, by presenting the program director with a high school diploma.
    • This incredibly successful and fun program provides sustained motivation to complete high school education. 
    • Children from all over Humboldt County are seeking to attend Blue Lake Union School District in order to participate in the program.
    • Dozens of scholarships awarded to successful high school graduates – Congratulations!
  • Annual Funding Donations to Blue Lake Union School District.
  • Underwriting of Multiple Honorary Scholarships
    • Named after Blue Lake Union School District Educators
    • Jones Scholarship - 3 @ $1000 each
    • Levett Scholarship - 3 @ $1000 each
    • Roussou Scholarship - 1 @ $20,000
    • Alice's Restaurant Culinary Scholarship - 1 @ $20,000
  • Funding and program design partnership with the California State University system and Humboldt State University to increase Native American enrollment in higher education across the state.
  • MainBrain Interactive:
    • Provides parents and teachers with standards-based content designed to inspire students to make healthy life choices. 
    • K-12 lessons follow the National Health Education Standards and Assessment Framework.
    • Lessons are customizable and provide teachers with comprehensive, modern coursework and supplemental curricula in English | Spanish.
  • To Apply For Blue Lake Rancheria Educational Scholarships, please fill out: BLR Scholarship Application and return to: Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe, Attn: Scholarship Committee, 428 Chartin Road, Blue Lake, CA 95525

Educational Partnerships

Fostering excellence in education and opportunity takes combined talent and hard work.  The Blue Lake Rancheria has supported, contributed to and/or partnered with the following organizations and many others in a joint effort to provide stellar learning environments for children.

Alliance of California Tribes
Arcata Bottom 4H
Blue Lake Elementary Operations
Blue Lake Elementary After-
School Programs
Blue Lake Healthy Start Programs
Blue Lake Museum
Blue Lake Parks and Recreation- Department
Blue Lake Preschool
Blue Lake Rancheria-
Scholarship Fund
City of Blue Lake

City of Eureka Recreation
Clarke Historical Museum
Dell ‘Arte School of Physical Theatre
Girl Scouts of America
Humboldt Area Peace Officer Child Safety & Education Scholarships
Humboldt Literacy Project
Humboldt State University
McKinleyville High School
National Indian Child Welfare Assoc.
Private Industry Council of Humboldt-
County Planned Parenthood