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"We judge our success by the number of children that graduate from high school and pursue higher education and careers.  Not by how much money we have in the bank."
-Arla Ramsey, Vice Chairperson, Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe

Child Health and Welfare
Elderly Health and Welfare
Sovereignty & Self-Government
Indian Country
Environmental Stewardship
Public Safety Services
Humboldt County

The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe operates according to the “Seven Generations” philosophy:  “Actions taken today will have a positive impact for seven generations to come.”  

The Tribe partners with hundreds of community members and charitable organizations to actively create positive, progressive impacts in many areas of social responsibility.

Mission Statement

The Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe strives each day
to secure a better future for its people;
to protect its sovereignty and cultural heritage;
to respect, learn from, and correct injustices of the past; and
to define an economic and diplomatic framework with its neighbors
for mutually beneficial relationships.